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Vision of PSI is to be globally recognised as pioneers in precision audio. Combining innovation, creativity and technology to produce the ultimate in professional studio monitors.
The award-winning multi-channel recorder has a wide range of applications in:

    Live Music
    Film and TV Sound
    Reality TV
    Conferences and Conventions
    Post Production
    Houses of Worship

The most flexible device ever designed for capturing live audio.
ALLEN & HEATH ILIVE DIGITAL SYSTEM puts the audio processing right where it is needed - on or near the stage. The DSP is in the Mix- Rack, keeping latency to a minimum and giving you the freedom to choose how you control the mix.

iLive provides comprehensive on-board signal and FX processing, so there is no need for expensive and heavy outboard quipment racks. This not only saves space, but reduces preparation time, and cuts back overheads too! Bulky and expensive multicores are a thing of the past, as cabling between the console and Mix-Rack is CAT5...
K-Array has developed ultra-compact sound solutions technologies since 1990. They have concentrated their efforts and resources into the design and manufacture of highly efficient audio systems that produce unparalleled sonic accuracy.

K-Array has a complete range of products to suit any application from large-scale arenas to almost invisible systems for theatre, worship, corporate and on-camera presentations that demand speakers that are heard but not seen.
Violet Design offers handcrafted microphones with a unique look and a superior sound quality, using innovative solutions in manufacturing techniques without loosing details of "that" vintage microphone sound. We believe that in the process of music recording the most important things are passion and inspiration and nothing should get in the way of these two. So with our ideology we trust in three simple points: excellent performance, easy to use, good design.
Powersoft brand in the top professional audio amplification is today an absolute leader: this is due to the wide range of the product catalogue providing models from low-medium power up to unmatched power. The extended and comprehensive system and networking capability as well as the perfect audiophile sound response with a well proven performance reliability, are highly appreciated by professional users.
MICROseries is a system, not just a range of components. The system is DSP controlled via the MICROzone to give outstanding audio performance from the MICROseries ultra compact loudspeakers.

The MICROzone is a 5-configuration amplifier/controller that provides unique flexibility for single or multi-location input and control. Comprehensive switching functions enable the unit to be used singly or in multiples in various configurations. For larger systems requiring greater amplifier power, the MICROzone can be used in conjunction with the MICROplus 4-channel power amplifier.
EAW was founded almost three decades ago with a crystal-clear vision: every component of a professional loudspeaker must be carefully and exactingly formed into a cohesive system. The global audio marketplace readily agreed with this revolutionary (for the time) concept, quickly leading to a true paradigm shift in sound reinforcement. An entire industry had been transformed.
EAW occupies a historic textile mill building in Whitinsville, Massachusetts, USA, that dates back to the American Industrial Revolution - an appropriately inspiring setting for the creation of products that consistently lead a global sound reinforcement revolution.